Hang-gliding/ Paragliding

Hand-gliding and Paragliding are often described as some of the most risky and dangerous extreme sports and take a very brave and thrill seeking person to take part. Hand-gliding is also described as the oldest brother of all air sports as you can reach faster speeds than a paraglider. When it comes to location, you can pretty much enjoy hand-gliding and paragliding from anywhere where you can find a hill, ridge or bluff. All you need is a constant uplifting wind. However some of the most popular areas to go hand-gliding or paragliding, include:

The Brecon Beacons in south Wales around Abergavenny: Plenty of grassy fields and hilltops that make perfect take off and landing points as well as recognised schools that can offer qualified instruction or experienced advice. There are many recognised flying sites which can be used and experienced flyers are welcome to join clubs in the area. The National park truly is one of the best places to enjoy paragliding and hand-gliding because of its north facing escarpments of the mountains which overlook the undulating countryside as well as many other strategically located hills. Enjoy flights of over 300 miles and fly up to four miles high!

The Yorkshire Dales and South Pennines: One of the most excellent spots to enjoy paragliding or hand-gliding. The valleys, peaks and crags of Marsden Moor brisk with wind and the windswept west Yorkshire are natural airsports magnets. The dramatic landscapes with spectacular views and drop off make Buckstones Edge an ideal paragliding and hand-gliding location.

The amazing scenery and spectacular mountain ranges of Scotland make it another amazing location to enjoy these sports. With so many ideal take off points and the same amount of landing spots, you can experience a truly breathtaking paragliding or hand-gliding experience in Scotland. The terrain in Scotland is also ideal for learning so if you're planning a country cottage holiday and you want to try something new why not take to the skies! On the other hand Scotland's diverse weather conditions can keep you grounded.

A few other fantastic spots include two of England's most beautiful National parks, the Lake District and Peak District. Suspend yourself from a harness and glide through the stunning skies above some breathtaking landscape and scenery. There are easy landing and take off points as well as great road access and lets not forget the views you'll experience from this unique birds eye view!

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