Enjoy the UK countryside from a comfortable holiday cottage

The purpose of a holiday is to have a good time doing the kind of things that please us. People who revel in the countryside, love to be surrounded by the greenery, trees, to delight in the natural things in life and the most convenient place to stay is on a farm or small village. Fortunately, there is a wide choice of rural self-catering holiday homes in the UK and Ireland that suit every aspiration.

We don’t have to be tree huggers to find a country break pleasurable, some like the simple things in life like a woodland walk listening to birdsong, others may like to climb the tallest hill and gain immense pleasure from the panoramic views.

One thing about a venture into the countryside is that there are always discoveries and surprises. People who live and work in towns and cities can find a hedgehog or adder crossing their path quite fascinating, or to come across a blinking owl in a tree or to see bats fly out at dusk.

There are places where badgers can be observed in the south of England, deer spotting and salmon ladders in Pitlochry, in Perthshire, or ospreys around the lakes in Cumbria. Even a hare springing suddenly from long grass makes a walk in the countryside an exciting event. The first step is to find a cottage to rent and then plan your days out.

see badgers on country holidays in the UK

Cottage holidays in national parks

It is a question of location. All parts of the UK and indeed Ireland have beautiful rural areas. The national parks are acres of protected countryside that have a lengthy history of offering hospitality to the visitors who come to walk and make the most of local activities, scenery and events. All of the national parks are wonderful in their own way, it all depends on personal preference and distance to travel. Find out more about holidays in national parks and the self-catering cottages to rent nearby at www.aole.co.uk.

Go north for rural peace and tranquillity

In general, the further that people travel away from London, the more remote the countryside. Go to Wales, to northern England and especially Scotland to find hidden secluded gems and paths less trodden. The Scottish islands offer a greater tranquillity because of the sparse populations. If you’re the kind of person who would appreciate a beach to yourself and sea gulls as companions, visit the Orkneys, Shetland Isles or Outer Hebrides. These groups of small islands radiate a warm welcome because tourists are few and limited to the summer months. They may not suit holidaymakers who adore trees and lush greenery because the harsh winter gales ensure they don’t grow to spoil the view. However, there is the reward of thousands of sea birds and dramatic coastlines. Holiday cottages to rent for a few days or longer in the Scottish islands are most likely to be traditional stone-built crofts that hug the landscape. Their walls tend to be half the length of a man’s arm and more often than not, a wood burner keeps the holiday home warm despite any chilly winds.

Holiday cottages outer hebrides scotland

Scotland for remote cottage breaks

Some of the best locations for a Scottish island cottage are around the ancient harbours or in the heart of a coastal village. This means that both the sands and pubs are within walking distance. It is delightful to be able to walk for miles along a beach or cliffs to go bird watching or seal spotting. The opportunities for wildlife spotting are excellent but it is even better to be able to talk about what you have seen and to find out where the best locations for wildlife are at the local pub. These are the simple joys of a rural UK holiday.

Ireland for ultimate relaxation and lovely holiday homes

Ireland offers plenty of space for holiday cottage breaks. Even Irish residential rural homes tend to be generously spaced apart, often with fields in between each house.

Read about a cottage holiday in Ireland.

Most people are aware of Ireland’s natural assets, its fabulous sandy beaches, the horse riding, golf, angling opportunities and slower, more relaxed pace of life. Ireland’s coastal regions are the most popular for holidays; people like to be by the sea and the sightseeing is always very good. Each area has its special attractions, the Cork and Kerry coasts are good whale and dolphin spotting locations, the beaches of County Donegal are simply amazing plus there is a glut of Irish holiday homes that keeps the rental rate attractive.


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