Coasteering is an adventure activity which takes part around the impressive coastline of the UK. It involves many different skills but mostly consists of adventure swimming around the base of the cliffs, exploring the hidden caves, gullies, cracks and rock formations that are created by the sea. You may also experience some cliff climbing on the lower level above deep water and also taking part in jumps and rock scrambling. Jumps can range from one to ten metres in height and anyone looking to take part in coasteering needs to have a competent level of fitness. Coasteering can take place at any point on the wonderful UK coast however weather conditions, ability and sea levels can affect certain areas and make some better than others. Some of the best places in the UK to enjoy this exciting activity are Cornwall and Devon in south west England, Pembrokeshire in south Wales as well as some fantastic spots in north Wales and the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Coasteering is also offered in multiple locations in Ireland, being an island with an entire encompassing coastline, this comes as no surprise however some of the best spots to enjoy are in Northern Ireland in counties such as county Down just south of Belfast.

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Cornwall and Devon are probably the best known locations to enjoy coasteering in the UK. Coasteering in Newquay in Cornwall is a particular favourite and many companies are based here however there are also many other routes and locations such as Polzeath, Liskeard and many other locations all along the Cornish coast. Some companies are even willing to travel to whereever your staying to take you out on a fantastic experience at a location of your choice. This way you can choose your holiday destination in Cornwall safe in the knowledge that wherever you choose to settle you can get out and about and enjoy coasteering the Cornish coastline. There is also some fantastic opportunities for coasteering in Devon in places such as Salcombe/Dartmouth, Woolacombe, Combe Martin, Bideford, Braunton and Plymouth. Again there are also many mobile companies that are willing to transport themselves and your group to a fantastic location near you to enjoy the extreme adrenalin pumping sport of coasteering.


Wales is actually the first home of coasteering, emerging as a commercially guided recreational activity along the cliffs of Pembrokeshire in the 1990's. It has then spread to the south west coast of England and even up into Scotland and across he sea to Ireland. Sections of the north Pembrokeshire coastline are simply perfect for this exhilarating and adrenalin packed activity with great emphasis on cliff jumping, climbing and gully swimming. You can even experience rock scrambling, wave riding and cave exploration dependant on the tide and weather conditions. It has also been discovered that although coasteering is a risky and sometimes dangerous sport, it also has its health benefits! Purifying, curative, rejuvenating and relaxing marine therapies are now in demand at upmarket spas and beauty salons throughout the world, the power of sea water which contains multiple vitamins and minerals can help with many conditions and the water forces are also great for your body so why visit an expensive spa, simply go coasteering for more fun and more adrenalin! There is also plenty of exciting wildlife and sea birds in Pembrokeshire for you to spot from your amazing viewpoint at the cliff base, it wont be long until you learn something new. Some of the major venues for coasteering in Pembrokeshire include St. Davids, St. Non's, Tenby, Pencaer Peninsula and Stackpole Quay.

If Scotland is more your thing with its breathtaking scenery and spectacular collection of wildlife then there are also some great coasteering hot spots for you to enjoy here. Argyll and Bute, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands are some areas you may wish to spend your country cottage holiday if you're looking to experience some coasteering as well. Also the Outer Hebrides and the west Highlands are fantastic locations to experience a truly unique coasteering holiday. Although coasteering is fairly new to Scotland it is becoming more popular from Fife and its magical Elie Chain Walk to Fair isle to Scotland's rocky complex of a coastline. As Scotland is renowned for its spectacular marine life and other various wildlife you are bound to have a inspiring time exploring the cliffs and water line of the Scottish Coast, especially on the west coast because of its regular visits from Dolphins, Wales and other fantastic wildlife. You can also enjoy your amazing vantage point of Scotland and take in the amazing views and spectacular sights of the country from an unusual viewpoint.


Travelling across the Irish sea we reach Ireland, or more specifically Northern Ireland where you can discover some great spots for coasteering due to the rocky and rugged shoreline. Home to the Giants Causeway on the north Antrim coast, Northern Ireland has a lot to offer the budding or experienced Coasteering holiday maker. Take a fantastic tour of the Giants Causeway from the unique and exciting view point of the sea, climb the amazing rocky walls and cliff jump into the beautiful Irish sea. You can also take part in some fantastic coasteering routes in county Down on the east coast of Northern Ireland also around the Burren coast in county Clare or in county Kerry and Donegal. There are many outdoor activity centres with qualified instructors who have many years experience throughout the country of Ireland and you are bound to find one in a location that is just perfect to enjoy the wonderful culture and countryside of Ireland as well as the comfort of your country cottage and be able to head to the coast and jump straight in for a fantastic coasteering day!




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